stained glass windows for an entyrance for a Victorian tower in Cromer Norfolk, Deko Studio London Traditional design stained Glass enhancing traditional architecture



Fletcher Hospital Tower, Cromer

Restoration of a tower and entrance hall of a derelict Victorian Hospital.

The design calculated to fit in with the impressive neo-Gothic style of the original architecture.

Italian futurism inspited front door design



Entrance Hall, Streatham

Bold, powerful and yet playful entrance hall design inspired by the Italian Futurist Movement, with a contemporary touch.


Entrance Hall organic design Hampstead




Organic/Linear Design, Hampstead

A juxtoposition of of organic and linear designs for a window in Hampsted.

Great Hall Hermon hill stained glass



Great Hall, Hermon Hill

New design for the internal removation of Great Hall in Hermon Hill


three pictures of stained glass in barnes




Landing Windows, Barnes

Two landing windows designed for a modernisation of a large Victorian villa on Putney/Barnes borders.

2.5 metre tall top landing window designed to be a centre of the house, and its visual focus.

Smaller window on the landing below created in order to lend a visual unity to the whole project.

Entrance hall Hampstead



Victorian Entrance Hall, Hampstead

An imposing entrance hall of a Hampstead Town House.


Painted front door New Malden




Painted front door panels, New Malden

Thorough restoration of beautifully painted front door panels.

front door in tooting



Front door, Tooting

Sympathetic restoration of an imposing entrance to a victorian Villa.


stained glass transom triptich Window above a victorian Door, Deko Studio London stained glass

Transom Triptych

This three-panel transom has an Art Deco influenced design that contrasts with, yet cleverly complements, a traditional space above an Edwardian front door.

stained glass panel inpired by Pascal's theorem. Bold modern stained glass designs


Simple geometric panel - inspired by Pascal’s mathematical theorem.

Designed for high end bathroom showroom.

Stained glass Bauhaus inspired window for the bathroom Deko Studio, Bold modern stained glass for modern spaces


This Bauhaus inspired window was designed for a high-end bathroom showroom.

The design allows privacy while allowing the viewer inside to see the space outside.

Stained glass spider's web for the garden room. Bold modern unusual designs



Organic Spider’s Web

Consisting of more than 600 irregular pieces of water glass, this is one of the most complex panels of art glass I have ever created.

It was designed for a woodland setting where it makes the unwary visitor halt, draw a breath...and stare.

 Modermn stained glass transom Window for a conservatory London Deko Studio, Bold modern stained glass designs


Triangular Transom

Located at the apex of a modern conservatory, this piece draws the eye upward to a triangular portico making it the focus of the visitors’ gaze. It lends the room character and bathes the area in ever-changing warm light.

Stained Glass Onion window for the Kitchen - Deko Studio London



Rustic Allium

The uneven lines, soft colours and shapes were created with the owner’s Norfolk cottage and its surrounding landscape in mind.

The rustic feel of this piece is achieved using the copper foil technique and fused glass.

Stained glass Bauhausinspired Window in London


Bauhaus Chic

Influenced by the Bauhaus Movement this work was designed to give drama character to an otherwise unremarkable modern setting.

Using many different types of textured as well as smooth glass, in true Bauhaus style its appeal lies in the functionality and simplicity of the design.